Mar 15, 2021 • 38M

Episode 02 Urban Farming: Feeding the Cities of Tomorrow

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Fabien Clavier
Cities in Mind is your go-to destination to learn about cities, technology, innovation and the people behind them. All that through an Asian perspective. My name is Fabien and I am an urbanist who has been living in Singapore since 2015. Welcome!
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Edible Garden City’s work at Raffles City. Credits: Edible Garden City

🌾 Worldwide, urban Farming is on the rise. It has become an important strategy for cities to respond to a wide array of challenges, ranging from climate change adaptation to food security. 

But beyond food production, have you ever wondered what could be the other social benefits of urban agriculture?

In this second episode, I discuss with Bjorn Low, a passionate urban farmer who leads the grow-your-own-food movement here in Singapore.

Bjorn has created and is currently running Edible Garden City, one of Singapore’s largest urban farming social enterprises.

Join me on my tour of their largest urban farm in the neighbourhood of Queenstown, and as we debate about the role of “urban care farms”, how to strike a balance between tech-driven and nature-based urban agriculture and Singapore’s food security strategy.

Executive director Bjorn Low. Credits: Edible Garden City

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