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🏙 Cities in Mind is your go-to destination to learn about cities, resilience, innovation and the people behind them. All that through an Asian lens.

About me: 🙋🏻‍♂️ I am Fabien, an urbanist hailing from France and based in Singapore.

My decade of experience in the field of urban planning/design taught me a lot about social and technological changes happening in cities.

I have lived in Singapore for 7 years and, from Southeast Asia, I have witnessed the rise of new urban trends, as well as new approaches, legislations and policies to respond to them.

I propose to explore and unpack these new trends and help you understand why they will leave a mark on our cities.

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Cities, resilience, innovation and the people behind them.


Based in Singapore, I am a French urbanist exploring how Asian cities reshape themselves. Time and again.