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Thank you, Fabien. I tweeted your article along with a comment.

"This is a very good article by Fabien Clavier. He even gives a good advice.

(One way for Auroville)"benefits and learnings" to spill over is: "reconnect with the global conversation on cities, play its living lab and knowledge hub role ...and inform upcoming planning practices."

You might like to know that a about a decade back I had the joy to write a research paper on the relevance of Auroville township model for India's urban development. One of my dreams going forward is to promote that vision. In fact, while introducing my paper, the editors of the Trialog journal which published it wrote the paper presents "paradigmatic leadership role of Auroville township model for the urban challenges faced by India and the world."

Auroville needs to learn how technologies can inform and benefit cities - the area of your interests and studies. I will appreciate your knowledge and vision in this respect. My email: aryadeep@auroville.org.in

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Thanks Aryadeep for your kind message! Looking forward to connecting on those topics.

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Dear Fabien, Just now a lot of debate is going on in Auroville regarding construction of a major road. It is called the Crown Corridor. The official group (ATDC - Auroville Town Development Council) and many other people including some architects are in favour of a perfect circle as envisioned in the Master Plan. Others oppose it because many existing trees and a few housed might be displaced. There are some other concerns also. My question is: what new technologies should be integrated while building a major road of an idealistic international township in making? As you know, future cities and road infrastructure will be quite different than today thanks to AI, autonomous vehicles both flying and on ground, virtual reality, augmented reality and many more.

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