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Love the point you make about

"Micromobility goes beyond just mobility objects but also raises concerns about inequality of access, deployment of safe and dedicated infrastructure, shared public and private sector responsibilities."

Micromobility deployments done without coordination from other public/private actors is likely to fail, and even if successful, done in isolation it can miss out on reaching maximum benefits for all stakeholders.

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Thanks Max! Yes, as always with urban innovation, it's not the tech that is paramount but the capacity of stakeholders to work together and ensure that it benefits the local urban context.

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Hello Fabien. I'm Joaquin. I read your Cities of mind with great interest. You write with clarity about issues that involve us all. A week ago we moved with my girlfriend to Hamburg, a new challenge. She works in foreign trade. We are Uruguayan. I am passionate about mobility and urban design. I would like to ask you where I can learn and train in these disciplines.

In the meantime I read and write.

Thank you very much for your time.



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